Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Dabo Xi Xakreum can be found in Maiden's Eye, and sells Torment of Velious Rank 1 spells for Necromancer and Shadow Knight.

Scroll: Adamant Stance
Scroll: Aegis of Rumblecrush
Scroll: Antipathy
Scroll: Aten Ha Ra's Covenant
Scroll: Bestow Rot
Scroll: Blood of Tearc
Scroll: Bond of Bynn
Scroll: Brightfeld's Horror
Scroll: Call Skeleton Mass
Scroll: Carrion Skin
Scroll: Cascading Shadeshield
Scroll: Chaotic Acridness
Scroll: Cremate Bones
Scroll: Cruor's Bite
Scroll: Decomposition
Scroll: Despicable Bargain
Scroll: Diabo Tatrua's Swift Sickness
Scroll: Dire Censure
Scroll: Dire Seizure
Scroll: Drape of the Akheva
Scroll: Embalming Venin
Scroll: Extinction
Scroll: Fleshrot's Decay
Scroll: Frigid Salubrity
Scroll: Gift of Itzal
Scroll: Grip of Quietus
Scroll: Harrowing Darkness
Scroll: Hemorrhagic Venom
Scroll: Ignite Cognition
Scroll: Infected Wounds
Scroll: Insidious Renunciation
Scroll: Inspire Ally
Scroll: Luclin's Conqueror
Scroll: Lunaside
Scroll: Lunatic Shriek
Scroll: Maraud Essence
Scroll: Mental Anguish
Scroll: Mind Atrophy
Scroll: Minion of Itzal
Scroll: Mistmoore's Command
Scroll: Parlay for Power
Scroll: Penumbra Manacles
Scroll: Penumbral Call
Scroll: Plague of Fleshrot
Scroll: Proclamation for Blood
Scroll: Pyre of the Neglected
Scroll: Pyre of Va Xakra
Scroll: Scalding Shadow
Scroll: Scent of The Grave
Scroll: Shield of Inevitability
Scroll: Shield of Shadow
Scroll: Shroud of Zelinstein
Scroll: Sigil of Undeath
Scroll: Soulflay
Scroll: Spear of Bloodwretch
Scroll: Tekuel Skin
Scroll: Terror of Ander
Scroll: Thall Va Kelun's Flashblaze
Scroll: Thanatos' Proclamation
Scroll: Thanatos' Proclamation
Scroll: The Protector's Grasp
Scroll: Torrent of Melancholy
Scroll: Touch of Namdrows
Scroll: Touch of Txiki
Scroll: Twilight Leech
Scroll: Unrelenting Assassin
Scroll: Unscrupulous Blight
Scroll: Usurper's Audacity
Scroll: Virulent Darkness
Scroll: Xenacious' Skin
Scroll: Xenacious' Swift Lifedraw
Scroll: Xenacious' Swift Venom
Scroll: Xetheg's Swift Deconstruction
Scroll: Zelnithak's Pallid Haze
Tome: Corrupted Guardian Discipline
Tome: Fyrthek Mantle
Tome: Grisly Blade
Tome: Night's Calming
Tome: Repudiate
Tome: Sanguine Blade
Tome: Unrelenting Acrimony
Tome: Xetheg's Carapace