Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Ishta Xi Ivanieum can be found in Maiden's Eye, and sells Torment of Velious Rank 1 spells for Ranger and Druid.

Scroll: Adrenaline Spate
Scroll: Bay of the Predator
Scroll: Beast's Bellowing
Scroll: Bedlam of the Stormborn
Scroll: Bloodbeetle Swarm
Scroll: Bloodied Thornmaw
Scroll: Bloodspike Rush
Scroll: Bloody Roar
Scroll: Bolstered Growth
Scroll: Bulwark of the Reptile
Scroll: Chant of the Zelniak
Scroll: Chill of the Dusksage Tender
Scroll: Cinch of Ro
Scroll: Claimed Shots
Scroll: Cloak of Bloodbarbs
Scroll: Clotavida
Scroll: Coagulated Wind
Scroll: Darkflow Spring
Scroll: Deny Corruption
Scroll: Desperate Geyser
Scroll: Devastating Barrage
Scroll: Drifting Dreamshade
Scroll: Dusksage Coat
Scroll: Dusksage Stalker's Vigor
Scroll: Duskthorn
Scroll: Duskveil
Scroll: Eyes of the Senshali
Scroll: Fervent Growth
Scroll: Focused Whirlwind of Arrows
Scroll: Heartruin
Scroll: Heliacal Conflagration
Scroll: Horde of Duskwigs
Scroll: Jolting Luclinite
Scroll: Legacy of Bloodspikes
Scroll: Lingering Quietus
Scroll: Luclin's Darkfire Cloak
Scroll: Luclinite Blessing
Scroll: Luclinite Skin
Scroll: Lunar Balm
Scroll: Lunarflare Ash
Scroll: Lunarflare Boon
Scroll: Lunarush
Scroll: Mask of the Dusksage Tender
Scroll: Moonthorn Coat
Scroll: Moonwhisper Crystals
Scroll: Nature's Succor
Scroll: Nature's Sweltering Wrath
Scroll: Nightchill Aura
Scroll: Nightspire Bulwark
Scroll: Nightwhisper's Breeze
Scroll: Nocturnal Boon
Scroll: Onyx Moonbeam
Scroll: Primal Frost
Scroll: Promised Revivification
Scroll: Protection of the Valley
Scroll: Remote Moonchill
Scroll: Remote Sunbolt
Scroll: Sanctified Blood
Scroll: Scrutiny of Ro
Scroll: Shadespine Coat
Scroll: Shield of Shadethorns
Scroll: Shout of the Dusksage Stalker
Scroll: Skin to Lichen
Scroll: Sootheseance
Scroll: Spirit of the Tenacious
Scroll: Steeled by the Hunt
Scroll: Strength of the Dusksage Stalker
Scroll: Summer Sunpyre
Scroll: Summer's Torrent
Scroll: Sunpyre
Scroll: Sunwarmth Blessing
Scroll: Survival of the Unrelenting
Scroll: Swarm of Bloodflies
Scroll: Talisman of the Tenacious
Scroll: Tectonic Shadowvent
Scroll: Tenebrous Sunray
Scroll: Twilight Breath
Scroll: Twilight Chill
Scroll: Unmend the Unnatural
Scroll: Vociferous Blades
Scroll: Whirlwind of Arrows
Scroll: Winter's Wildbrume
Tome: Dusksage Stalker's Discipline
Tome: Enraging Roundhouse Kicks
Tome: Jolting Roundhouse Kicks
Tome: Night's Calming
Tome: Tempest of Blades